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09/29/2023 03:00 AM


The free, Authorize.net mPOS Mobile Application allows you to accept and manage credit and debit card payments securely with your Android device (phone or tablet running 5.0 - 12.0) or Apple device (iPhone, iPad or iPod touch running iOS 9.0 - 15.7).

With the app, Authorize.Net merchants can:

Accept card payments (keyed, swiped or dipped transactions)

Compatible card readers can be purchased here.

Accept tips from customers

Include a description and price for each item

Send custom receipts by email

Print receipts using a compatible printer

Please see our Mobile User Guide for a list of compatible receipt printers.

View transaction history

Void or refund a transaction

Use the SKU catalog capability – create a catalog of items to sell based on item SKU codes.

The catalog includes a built-in hierarchical structure designed to assist merchants in organizing their catalog:

Departments – the highest level of designation, e.g. Camping

Supplies Categories – the sub-level of designation that falls within a department, e.g. Tents

Sales Items – the actual item for sale that falls within a category, e.g. Red 2-Person TentSet

multiple tax rates – customize and use multiple tax rates according to your business needs.


Accept EMV chip – process EMV chip payments using an EMV chip-enabled card device available through our partner, POS Portal.

NOTE: For a list of support EMV processors, please see the EMV Chip FAQs. You can also view Mobile User Guide for more information.

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