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01/29/2024 17:16 PM


Authorize.net will not be upgrading to version 2 and will discontinue support for 3DS version 1 prior to October 2022.

Visa: Effective Oct 15, 2022, Visa will discontinue support of 3-D Secure 1.0.2 and related technology.

  • Visa will discontinue support of 3DS 1.0.2 Attempts Server on Oct 16, 2021.
    • After this time issuers will be able to stop supporting 3DS v1 and liability shift as well.
  • Visa will discontinue support of 3DS 1.0.2 on Oct 15, 2022.
  • Please see attached Visa Business News PDF for reference.

MasterCard: Effective Oct 14, 2022, MasterCard will discontinue support of 3-D Secure 1.0.2 and related technology.


  • What does this change mean? To prevent transaction processing downgrades or declines/errors merchants who are currently utilizing 3DS with Authorize.net are encourage ahead of time to stop utilize 3DS with Authorize.net ahead of Visa and MasterCard discontinued support of 3DS v1. We are also encouraging this change ahead of Visa and MasterCard October 2022 deadline as merchants may also start seeing issues at that time as well.
  • How can I check if I am using 3DS with Authorize.net and how to disable it? You can verify your accounts 3DS settings with the below steps:
    • Log into the Merchant Interface
    • Click on Account
    • Click on Card Holder Authentication
    • Review the settings/check boxes. If the Visa and MasterCard boxes are checked, you have your account setup to pass on 3DS data if it is pass in your transactions data (via API).
    • To disable uncheck the boxes for Visa and MasterCard.
  • What if I do not discontinue sending 3DS data and keep 3DS enabled for my Authorize.net account past October 2021? You may encounter issues processing transactions on 3DS v1 and in the future as we get closer to the October 2022 deadline Authorize.net may remove this page and setting to help prevent usage of 3DS v1.
  • What can I do if want to continue using 3DS? Authorize.net current does not have any plans to update to support 3DS v2. you will need to find a new payment gateway provider who supports 3DS version 2. We recommend you contact your Reseller/Partner or contact Cybersource to set up an account with them for 3DS v2 processing.


ANET 3DS Research - August 2022 v2.xlsx

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