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02/02/2022 16:47 PM



Customers have 60 days from the day they receive their statement to dispute a charge. This can end up being close to 90 days, depending on what day the transaction was posted and when the customer receives their statement.

For chargebacks related to credit cards, Authorize.Net does not handle chargebacks and would not have a record of any chargeback activity. You will want to contact your Merchant Service Provider (MSP) as they act as your Financial Institution and would have records and details of any chargebacks, how to dispute them, and how to reduce the risk of chargebacks. 

Note: Authorize.Net does not know who your Merchant Service Provider is. If you look at your merchant account statement, you should be able to find out who is your Merchant Service Provider, along with their contact information.

For chargebacks related to eCheck.Net/ACH, Authorize.Net keeps a record of eCheck.Net chargebacks, available from the Returns Report in the Merchant Interface. You will want to contact the customer's bank that issued the chargeback. Authorize.Net does not dispute chargebacks on behalf for eCheck.Net/ACH transactions.

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