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11/07/2023 17:40 PM


11/7/23 Update: As of 11/7/23 all reversals have been completed. Cardholders should see the refunded balance within the next 1-2 business days. 
If you have any additional questions not covered here, please contact support.
Previous Issue Summary: 
On October 28th Authorize.net experienced an unexpected system error.

As a result Merchants will see duplicated funding and the associated transaction processing fees while Cardholders will see duplicate charges on their statement for these impacted transactions.

We are currently in the process of reversing these transactions.
What is Authorize.Net doing to resolve this issue prevent it from happening again in the future?
Investigation and analysis on this issue is being conducted and Authorize.Net is currently in the process of working with our processor partners to issue reversals through their system for the affected transactions.

What is driving the timeframe to address this issue?
After discovery of the issue, emails were sent to any affected merchants advising that we were working to address the resubmitted transactions. We have been working with our processor partners to determine the best way to reverse or refund the affected transactions while mitigating any unintended consequences to you and your customers.

Are you issuing reversals or refunds for these resubmitted transactions?
Yes. We are currently in the process of issuing backend reversals on the resubmitted transactions.

What should I tell my customers about this issue? They're blaming me.
Please tell your customers that this was an error on the Authorize.Net payment processing platform and was not your fault, and that we are issuing reversals for the resubmitted transactions.

Should I reach out proactively to my customers about the resubmitted transactions and pending reversals?
Yes, we recommend that you contact your customers directly. Letting your customers know what is going on can help decrease the risk of unnecessary chargebacks filed for the resubmitted transactions and help make sure there is no confusion on the customer’s end.

I need to refund my customer ASAP. What should I do?
Issuing a refund outside of the Authorize.Net system may complicate and prolong the refund and resolution process. Please do not take any further action on these transactions, either inside or outside of the Authorize.net system and contact support for further assistance.

Will Authorize.Net be reimbursing my customer for their fees incurred?
Reversed transactions will be posted to your customers’ accounts as they are processed. It will not be necessary for your customer to take any action. If your customer incurred incidental fees related to the resubmitted transactions, please instruct your customer to contact their card issuer (bank) and request the card issuer reverse those fees. As the resubmitted transactions were processed in error, the card issuer should be able to correct or reverse fees that were charged as a result of these resubmitted transactions.

Will my customers receive an email notification once the reversal has processed?
No. These reversals are being performed on the backend, directly with our processor partners so no email notification will be sent by Authorize.net

If you have any additional questions not covered here, please contact support.

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