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To view your unsettled transactions:

  1. Log into the Merchant Interface.
  2. Click Search from the main toolbar.
  3. Click Unsettled Transactions in the main left side menu.

To sort the records simply click the column heading by which you would like to sort. Please note that not all columns may be used to sort transaction records.

Click the Next and Prev links at the top-right or bottom-right section of the search results to navigate backward and forward through the pages of records. You can also click View All to see all transactions on a single page. This is recommended only if the summary of transactions contains 50 records or less.

Alternatively, you may click Search from the top navigation bar and select the Settlement Date From: Unsettled and To: Unsettled. This search page allows you to search by various criteria additional to the transaction status, including customer name, card number and payment method.

Transaction Status and Settlement Information

Transactions must be settled before funding can occur. Depending on the current status of the transaction, you may be able to change the transaction status if needed. Transactions with the status "Authorized/Pending Capture" may only be captured for settlement or voided. These transactions will expire if they are not captured within 30 days from the original authorization date.

Transactions with the status "Captured/Pending Settlement" may only be voided or left in the status "Captured/Pending Settlement" where the transaction will settle at the next Transaction Cut-Off Time specified within your account's settings. Settlement occurs automatically once every 24 hours.

Please note that a void is used to cancel funding of a transaction that is pending settlement, and a refund is used to send money back to a customer. Refunds are not applicable to unsettled transactions because funding has not been transferred for these transactions.

To void or capture a transaction, you should search for the transaction, then click the Transaction ID, and click the Void or Capture button as applicable to your needs. Please note that you are not able to void a declined transactions or a transaction that resulted in an error status.

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