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Connecting your website to the Authorize.Net Payment Gateway usually requires coding and development skills. You should make arrangements with your company's Web developer or hire a contracted Web developer. Authorize.Net provides a number of ways to process transactions through the payment gateway. Our Developer Center is a great place to start.

The main options for developing a connection directly from a website or third-party software application to Authorize.Net are as follows:

  • The Authorize.Net API
  • Accept Customer
  • Accept.js
  • Accept Hosted
  • In-Person Solutions
  • Webhooks
  • Authorize.Net Certified Solutions

The Authorize.Net API
Replaces: AIM (Advanced Integration Method) Name-Value Pair
Requires: API Login ID, Transaction Key

Our API is feature-rich, with XML and JSON options, and is used in conjunction with other integration methods.

Accept Customer
Replaces: Hosted CIM
Requires: API Login ID, Transaction Key, Authorize.Net API

Leverage the Authorize.Net API to store CIM customer and payment profiles, with a hosted, mobile-optimized payment form that lifts the PCI DSS burden on merchants. Complies with PCI SAQ-A.

Replaces: DPM (Direct Post Method)
Requires: API Login ID, Public Client Key, Transaction Key, Authorize.Net API

Use your own custom payment form, while reducing PCI DSS burdens since you never directly handle the data. Directly submit your payment data to Authorize.Net, and receive a temporary token for the actual transaction processing. The Authorize.Net API supports using the temporary token in lieu of actual payment data.

Accept Hosted
Replaces: SIM
Requires: API Login ID, Signature Key, Transaction Key, Authorize.Net API

A hosted, mobile-optimized payment form that provides greater flexibility. Use the Authorize.Net API to request a hosted payment token, then use the token to invoke the form. Embed it, or redirect to it, your choice.

In-Person (includes Apple Pay, Android Pay)
Replaces: --
Requires: API Login ID, Transaction Key, CSRs for alternate payments

The In-Person SDK lets merchants build semi-integrated POS systems, where the POS system and the system processing the payment data is separate. Integrate EMV and MSR into one customizable system, easily, reducing the buden of both EMV and PCI certification.

Replaces: Silent Post, Relay Response
Requires: API Login ID, Transaction Key, REST API

Use our next-generation, fault-tolerant notification system for greater awareness of your processing. Be notified of system events from your transaction processing, the Advanced Fraud Detection Suite, Automated Recurring Billing, and Customer Information Manager. Manage your Webhooks using our new REST API, or through the Merchant Interface. Rest assured that we will retry failed notifications for up to five days.

Authorize.Net Certified Solutions

Solutions such as shopping carts are ideal for merchants with minimal Web development resources. Shopping carts are Internet companies that host or provide payment form solutions for merchant websites.

For additional assistance with choosing integration options, please see our API Features page.

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