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11/10/2023 03:47 AM


Credit Card Transactions:

To modify the bank account for your credit card transaction deposits, contact your Merchant Service Provider (MSP) directly. Your MSP acts as your financial institution. It deposits funds into your bank account and maintains your merchant account with Visa and MasterCard. It also charges you the percentage discount rate on your batch settlements.

Authorize.net cannot view your MSP due to its role in the credit card process. However, if you have previous funding statements from your MSP, you can call the phone number on the statement and provide the merchant account number listed to discuss any funding questions.

If you do not have a statement from your MSP, you may ask the bank that receives your deposits if they can trace one of your recent deposits back to your MSP. They can then provide you with the company's name and phone number.

To ensure live credit card transaction processing, review your Transaction and Settlement Email notices. These confirm successful transaction processing and settlement of those transactions to your MSP. Review transactions inside your Authorize.net account via the Merchant Interface, specifically your Unsettled/Pending Settlement transactions. This can help identify transactions that require further action, such as Authorize Only transactions where the charge has been approved by the issuer but has not been captured for settlement and funding.

eCheck Transactions:

eCheck is an online payment method that allows merchants to collect funds from a customer's bank account electronically.

To verify or update your bank account information for eCheck deposits:

  1. sign in to the Merchant Interface.
  2. Click Account from the main toolbar.
  3. Click Billing Information in the main left side menu.
  4. Review the bank account information currently on file. If any changes are necessary, click Edit above your Bank Account Information.
  5. Provide your complete bank account information and click Submit.
  6. Click I Authorize.
  7. Request and enter PIN for verification to complete the update/change.

If your account's billing method is set to a bank account, all Authorize.net billing and eCheck deposits will use that bank account as well.


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