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Important Note: While Silent Post is a supported service, we strongly recommend that you use Webhooks to receive transaction updates and other event notifications from the Authorize.Net Payment Gateway. Visit http://developer.authorize.net/api/reference/features/webhooks.html for more information on Webhooks.

The Silent Post URL function allows you to specify a URL, or Web address, to which the payment gateway should copy transaction responses. Silent Post will copy transaction responses for all transactions submitted to your Authorize.Net account, except for SIM with Relay Response, as Relay Response also sends the transaction response to your server.

To add or edit a Silent Post URL:

  1. Log into the Merchant Interface.
  2. Click Account from the main toolbar.
  3. Click Settings in the main left side menu.
  4. Click Silent Post URL under the Transaction Format Settings section.
  5. In the URL text field, enter the URL to which the payment gateway should copy the transaction relay response. To protect the data we will send to your server, please use HTTPS only. URLs with query strings are not permitted.
  6. Click Submit. A confirmation message indicates that the URL has been added.

List of field names Silent Post will send:
  • x_response_code
  • x_response_subcode
  • x_response_reason_code
  • x_response_reason_text
  • x_auth_code
  • x_avs_code
  • x_trans_id
  • x_invoice_num
  • x_description
  • x_amount
  • x_method
  • x_type
  • x_cust_id
  • x_first_name
  • x_last_name
  • x_company
  • x_address
  • x_city
  • x_state
  • x_zip
  • x_country
  • x_phone
  • x_fax
  • x_email
  • x_ship_to_first_name
  • x_ship_to_last_name
  • x_ship_to_company
  • x_ship_to_address
  • x_ship_to_city
  • x_ship_to_state
  • x_ship_to_zip
  • x_ship_to_country
  • x_tax
  • x_duty
  • x_freight
  • x_tax_exempt
  • x_po_num
  • x_MD5_Hash - Depreciated
  • x_SHA2_Hash
  • x_cavv_response
  • x_test_request
  • x_subscription_id

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