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09/03/2022 18:11 PM


To strengthen the security of your payment gateway account, Authorize.Net requires that you change your password every 120 days.


If you have difficulty remembering strong passwords without writing them down, you might try one of the following tips to create strong passwords that are easy to remember:

  • String several words together to produce a passphrase and make an acronym from it. You can create acronyms from the words in a song, a poem, or other sequence of words that you can easily remember. For example, “Stopping by woods on a snowy evening” becomes “sbwoase.” Then apply the other strong password requirements—capital letters, numbers, special characters—to create a strong password. By applying the other strong password measures, you can make this acronym into a password. For example, “sBw0@se1922.”
  • Deliberately misspell a word and then add a number or substitute special characters to create a password. For example, if you respell “security” phonetically as “sekooritee,” you can then turn the word into the password “seky00r1T.” Note: Do not choose a common misspelling such as “mispelling”or the word “misspelling.”
  • Combine a number of facts, such as dates and events, and add a number or substitute a special character. For example, you can turn the words “Pearl Harbor” and the date “December 7, 1941” into “pe@rL12741HArb0r.” Another example would be to take a holiday (such as Boxing Day) and its date (December 26) to make “12b0x1ng26d@Y.”
  • Shift a word up or down one row, or left or right one character on the keyboard. For example, if you shift the word “security” by one character to the left, you obtain “awxyeurt.” Once you apply the other strong password requirements you would have a strong password such as “aW3yeur+.”
  • Shift letters in a word a certain number of letters up or down the alphabet. For example, if you shift the Ts in the word “thirty-three” back four letters, you would get “phirpy-phree.” Applying additional strong password requirements would give you the password, “phiRpy#phrE5.”

Important: Do not use any of the example passwords shown above. Since these examples have been published, they can be used fraudulently. These are only examples to show you possibilities for strong yet memorable passwords.

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