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Basic Troubleshooting Information

Doc ID:    A89
Version:    6.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    06/08/2011
Updated:    06/08/2011


In order to start troubleshooting issues with your credit card processing, it is important to understand that there are a few key elements involved in submitting a transaction and receiving a response in return, and that issues with one of these elements may affect the entire process.

The key elements are:

  • Software for entering the transaction locally, which runs on...
  • A computer, which in turn is connected to...
  • A secure Internet connection, which is then used to connect to...
  • Your Authorize.Net account.

It does not matter which software you are running, or what type of computer you are using to run the software.

  • For example, you could be using your own personal computer to run a Web browser (which would be the software here) to connect, via the Internet, to your Authorize.Net account.
  • Or, you could be using a shopping cart package (the software) on a Web server (the computer) to submit transactions via the Internet to your Authorize.Net account.
  • Or, you could be running dedicated billing or credit card processing software on your computer, which would connect to Authorize.Net via the Internet.

Since an issue with any one of these elements could affect the entire transaction process, it is important to rule out issues that you might be able to address first. This is why a common part of troubleshooting issues includes rebooting the computer, clearing browser caches, and confirming that you have an active and secure Internet connection. Doing so helps to confirm that any elements you can directly access are working correctly.

Note that all Authorize.Net error messages may be found online. If your software uses the Advanced Integration Method (AIM) to connect to our services, please see the AIM Integration Guide for a listing of error messages.

If your software instead uses the Server Integration Method (SIM), please see the SIM Integration Guide for error message listings.

Also, if you were given a Response Reason Code by your software, there is a handy online tool for looking up the error message, with troubleshooting tips, at

If there is no apparent Authorize.Net error, or if your software reports connection errors, you would want to start by confirming that your computer is able to connect to the Internet and can submit secure connections to our servers. Issues with the initial connection are common causes of issues when no Authorize.Net error is generated.

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