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Error 103: This transaction cannot be accepted.

Doc ID:    A852
Version:    5.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    03/22/2017
Updated:    03/22/2017


Response Reason Code: 103

Response Reason Text: A valid fingerprint or Transaction Key is required for this transaction.

Important Note: While AIM, SIM, and DPM are supported integration methods, we strongly recommend that you use one of our modern connection methods to integrate with the Authorize.Net Payment Gateway. Visit for more information on our current APIs.

This error is generated when you do not include a valid Transaction Key or hash fingerprint with your transaction request. For security reasons we recommend always submitting a Transaction Key or fingerprint hash.


  • If you are using SIM, make sure you are using a valid Transaction Key to generate and send a fingerprint hash along with your transaction request. The fingerprint hash should be submitted using the field x_fp_hash.
  • If you are using SIM and submit a request for a Credit, Void, or Prior Authorization Capture (x_type = CREDIT, VOID or PRIOR_AUTH_CAPTURE) you may encounter this error. For security reasons these transaction types must be processed by logging into the Merchant Interface directly, or by using a desktop application that uses AIM.
  • If you are using AIM, please make sure you are sending a valid Transaction Key along with your transaction request. The Transaction Key should be submitted using the field x_tran_key.
  • If you are using an older Authorize.Net account and you submit a password instead of a Transaction Key, you may experience this error. Please ensure that you are submitting your Transaction Key instead.
  • If you are using a third party shopping cart and you are receiving this error, please check with your shopping cart provider to confirm that your application can send the Transaction Key to Authorize.Net. Most up-to-date shopping carts should be able to store and use a Transaction Key.
  • Some shopping carts, for backward compatibility with older connection methods, may provide the means to submit both a Transaction Key and a password. You should not use both the Transaction Key and the password simultaneously; doing so may also result in this error. We strongly recommend that you leave the password field blank.
  • If the shopping cart has a field for a password but no field for the Transaction Key, please put the Transaction Key in the password field. Our system will recognize and validate the Transaction Key properly.
  • While most shopping cart software will have a field for the Transaction Key, password, or both, some software may not. Please contact your shopping cart provider for details on how to upgrade to a more secure version of your shopping cart software.

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