How do I search for transactions?

Doc ID:    A428
Version:    5.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    07/31/2017
Updated:    07/31/2017


Authorize Net keeps a record of all valid transactions processed within an account. By using a combination of search parameters, results can be narrowed down to a single transaction or broadened to a range of many transactions. This information can then be downloaded and saved for future reference. Many people also use this feature to import data into a third-party system.

To search for transactions, please follow these steps:

  1. Log into the Merchant Interface at
  2. Click Transaction Search from the main toolbar.
  3. Click Search for a Transaction in the main left side menu.
  4. Enter one or more search parameters in the fields provided. You can choose to search by:
  • Settlement Date – Choose to view ALL Settled transactions or click the From: and To: drop down boxes to view Unsettled transactions. You can also choose a range of settlement dates in which to search.
  • Credit Card/Bank Account Information
    • Payment Method – Click the drop-down box and choose the card type to search by: ALL (default), Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diners Club or eCheck.
    • Credit Card Number – Enter the full credit card number or the last 4 digits in the Credit Card # field.
      • Transactions older than 120 days can only be searched for by the last 4 digits.
    • Bank Account Number – Enter the full bank account number or the last 4 digits in the Bank Account # field.
      • Transactions older than 120 days can only be searched for by the last 4 digits.
  • Customer Information
    • Customer Name – Enter the customer's First Name and/or Last Name in the appropriate fields.
    • Customer ID – Enter the customer's ID in the ID field.
  • Transaction Information
    • Transaction Status – Click the drop-down box to search for transactions that have a particular status:
      • Voided
      • Under Review
      • Settled Successfully
      • Refund/Pending Settlement
      • Refund
      • FDS - Pending Review
      • FDS - Authorized/Pending Review
      • Failed Review
      • Expired
      • Declined
      • Could Not Void
      • Captured/Pending Settlement
      • Authorized/Pending Capture
      • Authorized/Held Pending Release
      • Approved Review
      • ALL (default)
    • ID – Enter the transaction ID in the field.
    • Invoice # – Enter the invoice number in the field.
  1. Click the Show drop-down to choose how many results per page to display:10 (default), 15, 20, or 25 results.
  2. Click Search to display your Transaction Summary.

The search page allows custom-built queries based on the information submitted with the transaction. Search terms can be combined to provide different transaction summaries. In general, the more search criteria entered, the more focused the results will be. For example, entering a credit card number and a date will return only transactions charged to that card on that date.

Search Tips:

Using Wildcards: Use the * as a wildcard search term in any of below fields:

  • Customer First Name
  • Customer Last Name
  • Customer ID
  • Transaction - Invoice Number

For example, to search for transactions that have "Cal" as the first 3 characters of the first name, enter "Cal*" as the search term in the First Name field.

Searching by Date Range: The drop-down boxes that display settlement dates represent a listing of all settled transaction batches. Selecting these dates will only return transactions that were settled on that date in a particular settlement batch. It is possible to have multiple settlement batches on a particular day. Pay attention to the dates and times selected to be sure you are querying the results that you need. To view only transactions in a particular settlement batch, select that batch date/time as both the From and To value.

You may also cross settlement days by selecting a From date/time that is earlier than the To date/time. To view certain transactions across all settlement batches, select ALL Settled as both the To and From value. To view transactions that have not been settled, select Unsettled as both the From and To value.

Combining Fields: The search page is intended to provide you with many search options to find the transactions that you need. As you use multiple variables to generate transaction searches, be careful to combine the information appropriately. All searches are treated as “AND” criteria. When entering multiple variables, the system will combine these search terms to generate the unique list of transactions that match all of your specified criteria.

For example, searching for Payment Method = Visa and Customer Last Name = Smith will only return the transactions where Smith and Visa were used.