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How can I create or update multiple catalog items at a time via a .CSV file in the Authorize.Net mPOS Application

Doc ID:    A1764
Version:    1.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    11/21/2017


Using the Template
  • The bulk item upload feature enables you to upload multiple items at once by adding them to a spreadsheet application and uploading the spreadsheet to the app. Tapping the Bulk Upload link in the Settings page brings up the Bulk Upload page. You must first create your catalog.
Catalog Creation Workflow
  • ​Before creating items using a template, you must first use the app to manually create any
    categories, departments, and taxes that the items will use. Use the following workflow:
  1. Tax Types
  2. Sales Departments
  3. Sales Categories
  • After these catalog items are complete, you can begin the bulk upload process, in which
    the catalog elements that you created are put into a CSV file that you can open with a
    spreadsheet application.
To use the template to create multiple items:
Step 1. Tap Step 1 and then tap Export
The app exports all your catalog elements to a CSV file on your device
Step 2. Transfer the file to your computer and add items to it according to the following table:
System Generated ID Item ID Item Name UPC Category Tax Type Available Flag Retail Price Image Action
This is a System Generated ID that we assign to each item in your Catalog. This column should not be changed or added to Required Required Optional Required Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
64-character maximum 64-character maximum 64-character maximum 64-character maximum 64-character maximum TRUE or FALSE   filename.jpg or filename.png A or U
Merchant assigned ID for your Items Name of the Item Universal Product Number for the Item Category assigned to the Item

Note: The Category must already exist in your Catalog. This field is not used for adding new Categories
Tax Type assigned to the Item This field allows you to set if you want the Item available or not in your Catalog Price for the Item For images we support .png and .jpg files. In this column you only need to include the filename extension. The actual image files should be in the same folder on your device that the Bulk Upload file was downloaded to A is used for adding new items to your Catalog. U is used for updating existing items. 
When you finish, tap the Step Completed button.
Step 3. Tap Select Your File and select the updated CSV file from your device. Then click Upload. A confirmation page appears.
Step 4. Tap Start Import.
After the import is completed you will be shown a summary that indicates the number of successful updates and any errors that occurred. If an error did occur you can either fix it in the app or export the list of errors. 

For more details on using our mPOS application please refer to our Mobile User Guide

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