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Virtual Point -of-Sale (VPOS) Terminal
A secure, easy-to-use Authorize.Net solution that allows retail, or "brick and mortar" merchants, to manually submit transactions using a computer with Windows Internet Explorer, and a MagTek USB HID card reader.

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CMS-XML Which receipt printers work with Virtual Point of Sale (VPOS)?
Any Windows printer will work with Virtual Point of Sale ( VPOS ). We have tested a number of printers using 8.5 X 11 inch, standard paper. If you have installed your printer already and have successfully printed other documents, it will work with VPOS.
CMS-XML How can I fix issues with my card reader that uses Virtual Point of Sale (VPOS)?
If you are having issues using our Virtual Point of Sale ( VPOS ) solution, following these steps should help resolve the issue:
CMS-XML How to Log into Virtual Point of Sale (VPOS)
To log into your Virtual POS account, go to and enter your Authorize.Net login ID and password. This is the URL and login information you will use every time to access VPOS.
HTML Virtual Point of Sale (VPOS): Accept Credit Cards, Payment Processing POS - Authorize.Net
Virtual Point of Sale ( VPOS )
HTML Retail Merchants: Accept Payments with our Virtual Point of Sale or Partner Solutions - Authorize.Net
Accept Retail Payments Use our Virtual Point of Sale ( VPOS ) solution to accept swiped card payments at retail locations with minimal expense or technical expertise. Or choose from dozens of pre-integrated, third party POS systems.
HTML Vinyl Renaissance: Virtual Point-of-Sale (VPOS) Payments - Authorize.Net
The Challenge Working with their reseller, Vinyl Renaissance identified the Authorize.Net Virtual Point-of-Sale ( VPOS ) terminal. "I called up e-onlinedata," Phillips remembers, "and they said that they were working on a new POS solution with Authorize.Net."
HTML Virtual Point of Sale
Reseller Login Authorize.Net - Reseller > Learn > Key Selling Points > Virtual Point of Sale
CMS-XML Session Timeouts of MINT, RINT, VPOS, Mobile App and CS Tools
Merchant Interface, Reseller Interface, and VPOS : Sessions expire after idle for 60 minutes, or 8 hours since log in, whichever comes first. Authorize.Net Mobile App
CMS-XML What are the differences between Card Present and Card Not Present accounts?
CP accounts have access to Virtual Point of Sale ( VPOS ).
PDF Heading 1 This is a test
... Method ................................................ 5 Virtual Point of Sale ( VPOS ) ........................................... ...
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