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Virtual Terminal
A Merchant Interface tool for manually keying in and submitting transactions.

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CMS-XML Virtual Terminal Settings
The Virtual Terminal settings allow you to specify the fields you would like to include and/or require for transactions processed through the Virtual Terminal . To configure the fields that will appear on the Virtual Terminal, please take the following steps:
CMS-XML What is the Virtual Terminal?
The Virtual Terminal is a feature of the Merchant Interface that allows merchants to manually key in and submit transactions easily and quickly.
CMS-XML How do I Edit Fields on my Virtual Terminal?
To edit what fields are editable and/or required within your Virtual Terminal , please follow the steps below: https://account
CMS-XML What is the Recurring Transaction Field in the Virtual Terminal?
The Recurring Transaction field in your Authorize.Net® Virtual Terminal is an indicator that the transaction is recurring, but it is not part of Automated Recurring Billing™. The option is available as some merchants receive reduced rates if a recurring billing indicator is present with their transactions. These rates vary per merchant per their agreements with their Merchant Service Provider.
CMS-XML How do I charge a credit card using the Virtual Terminal?
To charge a credit card using the Virtual Terminal : 1. Log into the Merchant Interface at .
CMS-XML How do I issue a Refund to a customer using the Virtual Terminal?
To issue a refund on a transaction, the following criteria must be met: All refunds issued through the Virtual Terminal must include the Transaction ID for the transaction the refund is being issued against. Refunds can only be issued against an existing credit card transaction successfully settled on the Authorize.Net® system.
CMS-XML How do I add Card Code (CVV2, CCV2, CID) to the Virtual Terminal?
The Card Code field is used to submit the security code found on most credit cards, which is sometimes called CVV2, CVC2, or CID. Here are instructions on how to enable the Card Code field on your Virtual Terminal :
CMS-XML How do I identify Virtual Terminal transactions from website transactions?
A third option, which we recommend for other reasons, is to ensure your website is posting the Customer IP Address (x_customer_ip) to us. This field is never set for Virtual Terminal transactions, and so the presence of a Customer IP Address would be enough to indicate that it came from your website. Also, should there ever be suspicious transaction activity on your account, having the Customer IP Address would greatly help your efforts to prevent further transactions and report the activity to the proper authorities.
HTML Virtual Terminal
Virtual Terminal
HTML Virtual Terminal
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