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Authorize.Net's exclusive electronic check payment solution. eCheck.Net allows merchants to post charge and refund transactions directly to a customer's bank account.
eCheck.Net Application Fee
The one-time fee charged to merchants for the underwriting and review of their application for the eCheck.Net service.

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CMS-XML How does the eCheck.Net process work and associated Internal Risk checks?
CMS-XML eCheck.Net FAQ
is eCheck.Net ? A. eCheck.Net is an online method of collecting funds from bank accounts electronically.
CMS-XML Why was my eCheck.Net transaction declined?
Because eCheck.Net transactions are not processed in real time, a decline does not indicate a lack of funds. However, there are situations where an eCheck.Net
CMS-XML How do I apply for eCheck.Net?
To apply for eCheck.Net , please take the following steps:
CMS-XML How do I cancel the eCheck.Net service?
To cancel your Authorize.Net eCheck.Net service:
CMS-XML What is the eCheck.Net? Risk Reserve?
A Risk Reserve is a reserve of eCheck.Net® funds that are held by the payment gateway to cover potential costs incurred from high-risk or chargeback transactions. It is applicable only when eCheck.Net is enabled, and does not apply to credit card funding.
CMS-XML Why was my eCheck.Net refund not processed?
If your eCheck.Net refund was not processed, it is possible that there were insufficient funds in your virtual eCheck.Net account to cover the refund amount. You can check your balance in the eCheck.Net
CMS-XML Where do I view the eCheck.Net Settlement Statement?
The eCheck.Net Settlement Statement contains a list of eCheck.Net deposits and transfers that Authorize.Net has completed.
CMS-XML What is the status of my eCheck.Net application?
You can view your eCheck.Net® application status in the Merchant Interface by taking the following steps: Log into the Merchant Interface at .
CMS-XML eCheck.Net® Application response when the URL is Missing.
Part of the eCheck.Net® application process includes a virtual site inspection that mirrors what would take place in the "brick and mortar" world. Most prospective eCheck.Net
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