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Authorize.Net's exclusive electronic check payment solution. eCheck.Net allows merchants to post charge and refund transactions directly to a customer's bank account.
eCheck.Net Application Fee
The one-time fee charged to merchants for the underwriting and review of their application for the eCheck.Net service.

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CMS-XML eCheck.Net FAQ
is eCheck.Net ? A. eCheck.Net is an online method of collecting funds from bank accounts electronically.
CMS-XML What is an eCheck.Net descriptor?
When using eCheck.Net , you can select a descriptor, a 10-character description of your business, that will appear next to the charge on your customers' bank statements. To customize your descriptor when you first apply for eCheck.Net, you can request your selected billing statement descriptor on the eCheck.Net
CMS-XML Why was my eCheck.Net transaction declined?
Because eCheck.Net transactions are not processed in real time, a decline does not indicate a lack of funds. However, there are situations where an eCheck.Net
CMS-XML How to Request an eCheck.Net Limit Increase
All requests for increased eCheck.Net processing limits must be made in writing by the Account Owner or an Account Administrator. Please submit your written request to our eCheck.Net department by doing the following:
CMS-XML How do I apply for eCheck.Net?
To apply for eCheck.Net , please take the following steps:
CMS-XML eCheck.Net? Returns and Disputes processes.
eCheck.Net® debit transactions are different from bankcard transactions with respect to chargeback rights and procedures. When a cardholder questions or otherwise disputes a transaction posted to their account, the cardholder can inquire as to the authenticity and require proof that they authorized the transaction. Once such a request is initiated, the Merchant is asked to provide proof that the cardholder authorized the transaction in question.
CMS-XML How does the eCheck.Net settlement process work?
Because eCheck.Net payments are made from a customer's bank account, the settlement process is different from credit card transaction settlements.
CMS-XML What is the eCheck.Net? Deposit process?
When an eCheck.Net® transaction has been submitted to Authorize.Net, we are only able to verify that the routing number is a valid routing number. At that time, it goes into the current batch of Unsettled Transactions in your Authorize.Net account.
CMS-XML What are the eCheck.Net? Transaction Types?
eCheck.Net® Transaction Types: Accounts Receivable Conversion (ARC)
CMS-XML How to Add or Remove eCheck.Net Transaction Types
To add or remove eCheck.Net Transaction Types, please do the following:
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