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CMS-XML Simple Checkout FAQ
Can I customize the Simple Checkout payment form?
CMS-XML What is Simple Checkout and how can I sign up?
Our free Simple Checkout allows you to create Buy Now and Donate buttons for your website, providing a quick and easy integration method for connecting to the payment gateway. When your customers click the button, they'll be taken to an order page where they can select an item quantity and shipping method (if you offer more than one), and confirm their order or donation amount. Then they are taken to our secure, hosted payment form to enter their payment and shipping information.
CMS-XML Why am I receiving a Relay Response timeout with Simple Checkout?
Simple Checkout may encounter the following timeout issue: An error occurred while trying to report this transaction to the merchant. An email has been sent to the merchant informing them of the error. The following is a result of the attempt to charge your credit card.
CMS-XML I use Simple Checkout and I don't know how to locate my customer's order information
Each Simple Checkout Item will have an Item Name and Description. When a customer selects that Simple Checkout Item and completes a transaction, Authorize.Net will add the Item Name and Description to the Itemized Order Information for that transaction. You may view the Itemized Order Information inside the Transaction Detail, as follows:
CMS-XML How do I edit or delete a Buy Now or Donate button using Simple Checkout?
To edit or delete a Buy Now or Donate button using Simple Checkout : Log into the Merchant Interface at .
HTML Simple Checkout Administration
Simple Checkout Administration Page
HTML Simple Checkout Security Settings
Simple Checkout Security Settings As Simple Checkout uses the hosted payment form, the same security settings that apply for the hosted payment form apply for Simple Checkout transactions.
HTML Simple Checkout Button Page
Simple Checkout Button Page The Simple Checkout Button Page allows you to review and edit the Item Information, button appearance and button code for each Buy Now or Donate button you create.
HTML Sign Up For Simple Checkout
Sign Up For Simple Checkout To sign up for Simple Checkout, you must have activated the Multiple User Accounts feature, accepted the Simple Checkout Terms of Service and generated a Transaction Key for your account.
HTML Simple Checkout: Copy/Paste Buy Now Buttons, Easy Internet Payment Solution - Authorize.Net
Simple Checkout Create "Buy Now" and "Donate" buttons for your Web site simply by copying/pasting our code.
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